Mentor Production Management Software

Integrated Production Application

Accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date information is key to the successful management of Microtech's complex electronic assembly plant. This information includes:

  • Customer delivery requirements (quantity, dates, special instructions)
  • Process Routing Cards (Operation Cards) specifying the assembly processes required and the relevant data required by each process
  • Progress and quality monitoring information derived from bar code scanning at each operational stage
  • General supporting information such as the IPC workmanshipstandards and Microtech's QMS working procedures
  • Information from the operators on possible errors, omissions, or problems with the information supplied. Feedback to the operators on their performance
  • Information used to manage customer "Returns"

Historically this information was only available on paper or by accessing a number of different software packages. Microtech has integrated all of these functions into a web browser application called "Mentor". This has not only simplified and greatly improved the management of the shop floor but has also allowed Microtech to have a "Paper-less" manufacturing environment.

Written in PHP and JavaScript, Mentor is a web based application designed to bring together all the information required in a paperless production environment. Mentor will run under any web browser and is therefore very simple to get up and running. Like any other web application it is designed to be intuitive so that it can be used after a minimal amount of training. Behind Mentor is a document database that manages the information and prevents unauthorised changes.