Manual Handling Training

Congratulations to Peter, Liam, Connor, Annette, and Tim for completing and passing the manual handling course provided by JJ Medics.

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In House IPC-A-610 Training

Microtech has recently invested for two of its staff, Peter Cooper and Bart Ledwon, to become IPC-A-610 trainers.
IPC-A-610 is a globally recognised standard for the acceptance criteria of electronic assemblies. Microtech believes in enhancing the knowledge of its staff to improve the quality of the electronic assemblies it manufactures on behalf of its customers.

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New Europlacer Solder Paste Printer : 2017

Microtech has invested in a second Europlacer Speedprint Solder Paste Printer SP700. Both SP700s are placed in line on both of the iineo SMT pick and place machines, so both SMT lines have the improvement of accurate solder paste application to the PCBs, especially for smaller components. Some of the standard features include automatic rail width adjust, fully automatic stencil load & eject, fully programmable wet/dry vacuum under stencil cleaner, and on-stencil solder bead inspection.

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