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For over 40 years Microtech has been providing product manufacture together with the technical support services required to assist its partners throughout the entire life cycle of their electronic products.

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BSI came in on Monday 3rd July  to perform an Assessment Audit on Microtech  to evaluate our Quality / Management systems, after which the auditor was happy to recommend that BSI would take ownership of  been the auditing body of our ISO:9001-2008 certification and within a few weeks Microtech will receive a new ISO:9001-2008 certificate from BSI and this will then complete the transfer from TUV SUD BABT to BSI.




Peter Cooper has joined our Production Engineering team, as a Technical Clerk. He will be responsible for converting the customer's information into a format that can be used by all departments to manufacture products. Peter joins us from one of our customers, RTEM Ltd.

Microtech Electronics has made the decision to change it’s ISO9001 Auditing body from TUV SUD BABT to BSI , so the current certification ISO-009042_i02 will be suspended until the transfer has taken over.

The decision to change auditing body was not an easy one as TUV SUD BABT had supported Microtech well for many years , but due to Brexit TUV SUD BABT is moving it’s accreditation to DAkkS (national accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany).As Microtech is a UK manufacturer it was deemed that the accreditation should remain within the UK , for which the our new auditing body BSI is accredited to UKAS (national accreditation body for the UK)

One of our apprentices, Tim Burton, recently attended a course in London for the programming language PHP and is now certified in the language.

This is in addition to the two other qualifications he has already achieved as a part of the apprenticeship programme, those qualifications being in Drupal, and Android application development.

We have been working for a couple of years with a global customer to bring their new product to life. Today we have received full TUV approval so this product can stand ahead of its competitors in all countries of the world. We would particularly like to thank our production engineers for making this happen, especially our Test and Quality Manager who has spent many hours devising manufacturing documentation that was acceptable to TUV.


If you ever tour places like Guinness, Alcatraz and Warner Bros you will be able to use the products that we are making.