The controls, documentation, and processes essential for full manufacture are not always appropriate when speed and flexibility are essential. Microtech has set up a specialist facility to address the need for Fast Flexible Manufacture:

Prototype PCB Service

  • SMT, BGA, Conventional
  • "Gold Service" - fastest possible turnaround from reciept of kit and solder paste screen - typically 2 days
  • Design for Manufacture (DFM) assessment report
  • Rapid Buy and Kit capacity

Can you afford not to prototype?

The true value of a prototype is the elimination of risk. Unexpected problems in manufacture only cause costly delays, rework, and scrap.

However the time taken to build and test prototypes can delay the start of full manufacture. Microtech has set up its express prototype service to specifically minimise this delay and to ensure that your products get to the market as quickly as possible.

PCB Design for Manufacture (DFM) Health Check

Avoid delays and unnecessary production costs caused by common omissions or mistakes by using the free MicroExpress DFM Health Check. Send your details or data to us at dfm@mtick.co.uk and our production engineers will return a comprehensive report on your product.

Customisation Service

  • Customise standard products to meet your customers' special requirements
  • Modification of PCBs to help with the testing & commission of new designs and prototypes
  • Generation of documentation for repeat customisation orders

Pilot Production Service

  • Rapid proving of a small batch prior to full production
  • Design for Manufacture Feedback
  • Generation of Production Documentation
  • Ordering of Production tooling